Sugaring is an ancient form of hair removal, dating back to Egyptian times. Using an organic paste (made from lemon, sugar and water) we are able to remove unwanted hair from the root, achieving smooth results that last. Hair on any part of the body or face can be sugared! The paste is used at body/ room temperature, so there will be no heat sensitivities or burns. Unlike waxing, the sugar removes hair in the NATURAL direction of growth resulting in little to no ingrowns or broken hair!

Sugaring reduces hair thickness and density when performed in regular 30-day intervals. Because sugaring pulls the hair out by the root, it grows back softer, finer, and thinner. The more you sugar, the less hair grows back.

Do not sugar if you’re taking Retin-A, Accutane, or any type of acne prescription. Please let me know if you are taking these medication or other antibiotics or acne related prescriptions. 



Preparing for treatment

Let the hair grow out to about a quarter of an inch above the skin (about the size of a dry grain of rice). If hairs are too short, the sugar won’t coat the hair enough to pull them out. Refrain from taking a shower or bath before the treatment. Soaking the hair will soften it, allowing it to break more easily and making sugaring less effective. Do not apply lotion to the skin before your session.  

How much does it hurt?

Most people tolerate it well, and get used to the sensation after a few treatments. The level of discomfort you will feel depends on your level of pain tolerance in general, and on which area is being sugared. Clients are also recommended to take two ibuprofen tablets prior to their appointment, to reduce discomfort and decrease inflammation in the post-waxed area. For women, it is generally best not to schedule hair removal services just prior to or during your period, as you are more sensitive to pain at this time and will experience more discomfort.

Home care after sugaring

Directly after treatment, avoid direct sunlight and tanning booths, especially while the skin is still red from treatment. For 24 hours after sugaring, avoid exercise, hot tubs, and products with harsh chemicals, perfumes, or dyes. Apply a gentle moisturizer 24 hours after treatment. It's important to care for the sugared area properly after treatment to prevent ingrown hairs, breakouts, or other reactions. Using exfoliating gloves with a bath gel will help keep the skin clear. Avoid using a bar soap because it leaves a film on the body that could cause ingrown hairs. Following your shower, I recommend using the Sweet & True - True Smoothing Serum on sugared areas daily to help keep pores clean and skin hydrated. 

the process