In respect to COVID-19:

• Non essential business in Dallas County have been mandated to close until April 3rd. I will not be able to service anyone during this time. I will be messaging you all with appointments during this time to discuss rescheduling options. Please note this date is subject to change, and I will update you all if it does. 

If you’re looking for more ways to protect yourself and your loved ones, check out the CDC website.


Organic Sugaring

A waxing alternative that gives superior results! Easily remove unwanted hair, with less discomfort, using a paste made of just lemon, sugar and water.

Enjoy noticeable & long lasting results, even after just one session.


Skin Treatments

All skin treatments are tailored to each clients specific needs and desired results. I use only professional grade products that blend the natural and clinical world flawlessly.  You can be assured your treatment will be exactly what your skin needs.


Pharmaceutical Skincare

GlyMed Plus Regenerative formulas are void of harmful, harsh, and counterfeit ingredients, chemicals, and animal by-products and testing. Because skin is our most important and complicated immune organ, every GlyMed Plus regenerative formula is specifically engineered to interact synergistically within the skin’s own natural environment. 


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